Friday, May 1, 2015

Yoohooooo!!! Over Heeeeere

Happy Friday!!!  Pat yourself on the back, you made it through a long week.

I apologize for not posting for so long, I've been working on a surprise for y'all but I can't wait any more so I'm just going to tell you now. Ready?

Art & Soul is moving and getting a face lift and a name change!!!

"Whoa, What? That's completely confusing," you say, as you think of how Hollywood that all sounds.

"Mmhmm. Yep," I say.  The washing machines are horrible and are making our eyes twitch and there are also approximately 569, 230,136 other websites entitled "Art and Soul" *cries at lack of originality* so you can't find this one on Google. All of it is just terribly sad for everyone.

So, I have been posting and working, but it hasn't been here. It's been elsewhere. In secret. And I'm hoping to share the link with you next week!

In the meantime, I'm over here on my good friend and mentor Amy's blog, "The Fishbowl Effect," talking about Overcoming Fear. Amy is a dear friend and a gifted writer, and she also is incredibly wise. You know, actually just go to her site even if you don't read my guest post. You'll love it.

Thank you guys for your patience and for being so gracious as art and soul changes.


(also, here's the link again in case my little linky hover button didn't work:

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