Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beginner's Guide to Theme Parties

For those of you who know me well, you know that Theme Parties are my life blood. Ever since I hosted my first murder mystery Italian dinner in 10th grade and got third degree burns from making bruschetta, I’ve realized that theme parties are my calling.

I’ve also realized that summer in central Texas is hot and that air conditioned activities really shouldn’t be frowned upon so much. Hence, the movie party.  I love making food an activity that everybody gets to participate in, so most of these involve cooking together! 

Here are some of our favorite ones.

For you… ma best peeps.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Watch Party (with Homemade Pizza!)
First thing you need to know is that this doesn’t work with the new TMNT. It has to be the original. Like. From the 80’s. Or else it just won’t work. Then you need to know that it is best to use this here recipe for pizza dough because it is so easy and you have no excuse not to try it. Have it ready before your people come and have bowls of toppings already prepared.
Oh, and make sure everyone washes their hands. Because, obviously.

Julie and Julia Date Night (with Chicken with Mushroom in white wine cream sauce.)
Robin and I did this when we were trying to invent our own married equivalent of spring break while all our friends were like, climbing mountains and riding unicorns while we were working. *Not bitter.* It was actually his very romantic idea since he knows this is one of my favorite movies! For us, it looked like getting halfway through the movie, pausing it, googling a Julia Child recipe that doesn’t take four hours to make, running to the store, making dinner, then snuggling on the couch while eating this crazy delicious meal and finishing the movie. For you it could look like that, or it could look like planning ahead. Your choice.

Find the recipe here.  
Crepes and Mustaches… Party.
The theme is a little sketchy here, but basically make crepes with your friends and wear mustaches while you do it. Then eat them and play board games. Even though board games aren’t expressly French. Have a crepe flipping contest and listen to Carla Bruni.

We use the crepe listed on our Recipe page and usually have bowls of sliced bananas, strawberries, and blackberries with Nutella, almond butter, and fruit dip. You could also make our favorite savory crepes with caramelized onions, pulled pork, and gruyere, but that is expensive and requires planning, neither of which are generally our strong points.

This is a recipe I’ve made but a movie I haven’t seen. So I’m taking the plunge and really expecting it to be good. This one is next on our list….
Linguine Bolognese with Killer Tomatoes Eat France.
I don’t know how a movie that involves gigantic tomato puppets and France could not be good. I’ll watch it and let you know though.
And also I’ll put the Bolgonese on the Recipes page, because I can’t find it online.
(Optional: recycle mustaches from crepe party. Or wear tomato costumes.)

Coming up next: How to Host your own Backyard Movie Party!

You know, in the fall, with friends and sweaters and blankets. 

And low humidity.

And a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand.

Do you sense me daydreaming?

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  1. You're adorable, and I love all these ideas, and Bolognese takes me to my happy place.